Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader Liz Saville Roberts, alongside leaders of the SNP, Liberal Democrats and Green party, has tabled an amendment to Jeremy Corbyn’s No Confidence motion that makes it effective in law.

Corbyn’s motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister has no legal weight under the Fixed Term Parliament Act. As outlined in the Act, the motion must indicate that the House of Commons does not have confidence in the ‘Government’ – rather than the Prime Minister.

Liz Saville Roberts said:

‘Labour’s game playing has never been more on show.’

They need to put their motion where their mouth is – table a proper no-confidence motion or we will have to do it for you.’

‘The amendment we have tabled makes sure the straight-talking, honest politics that people deserve at this time of great uncertainty.’

When the Prime Minister is running scared, the Labour party seem to be following them.’

‘It’s left to the other opposition parties to step up to the plate and offer a sensible way forward.’